Monday, August 3, 2015

New schedule and "Stylin and posies" #1

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Alright, since I'm quite new to this blogging business, I'm starting a schedule.

  •  Sunday: Rambling Sunday
  • Monday: Styling & Posies
  • Weds: Photoshoot For wind days 
  • Friday: Post-Whatever-day.

Alright! Time to start "Stylin' and Posies" Edition number one!

I love these. I'm sure Mum will too ;)

I'm sure if I get these, there will be tons of fights  between me and Di.

It reminds me of Katniss...

I think the shirt should be a bit longer, but that's just me :]

Nautical brah.

As a Britain native, I naturally liked this. Not loved, just liked. 

Alright, that's the end of this edition of "Stylin' and Posies", hope you enjoyed it :)

What is your favorite etsy store and product?

~Adaline H. Pensevie


  1. these are some great picks, and i agree about that shirt being a bit longer, sometimes crop tops are cute, but with that skirt it just looks a bit off.

    my favorite etsy store is probably...hmm...not sure. i sew a lot of my own doll clothes that are often inspired in some way by a product i see on etsy, but i also make a lot of band shirts for my i allowed to say me even though i don't have an etsy shop? xP

    lovely post, i'm looking forward to wednesday. :)

    -maddie (the other one)

    1. Yeah, but I just love the skirt. Of course, Diana wouldn't lay a grubby vinyl hand on it because she sticks to black clothes, and someone red.

      Oh wow. Mum can't sew, so we either let her Mum sew for us or just buy like springfield collection stuff, we only get AG doll clothes around holidays or on a sale. Yes you are allowed ^_^

      Thank you! Since the internet is a crazy world, Mum had to help us search some stuff out. :)
      ~Adaline H.

    2. same here. haha, diana sounds a lot like emerson--black and red are her favorites. ;)

      yeah, i rarely buy ag brand items for my girls unless they're on sale. haha, i'm glad i am. ;) xD

      you're welcome. :3


    3. Di: omg someone knows how I feeel about colors.

      Their prices are just so flippin' high!

      ~Adi H.

    4. emery: we're in this together, mate.

      ugh i know right! >.<


    5. Di: Red and black just go together really well. It also represents my deep feelings really well.

      I wish they'd bring their prices to at least just 20 dollars for clothes and 15 for accessories and stuff. And maybe 50 for beds and stuff.
      ~Adi H.